Website Production

We produced this web site, we can produce yours. We provide landing pages for basic sites right through to interactive web sites with shopping cart facilities. Why a shopping cart? FTP can provide your own clothing range for your members and you may wish to sell this online as well. We can not only supply the product for your centre but the web site and point of sale materials to go with it.

Your members as a source of revenue…

Membership sales and PT sessions are not the only way to gather revenue from your members. Your fitness facility is the ideal place to sell fitness product and expand your bottom line. Providing your members with clothing, bags and accessories is not only a great money earner but the very best way to market your facility.





Auctions: Selling Your Equipment & Miscellaneous Items

FitnessTradingPoint (FTP) is the site dedicated to the international fitness industry. The web site was established to service the fitness community with a host of facilities that enable business and personal users to buy and sell fitness equipment, post jobs or seek employment, source uniforms and brand your own gym gear and more.. The site is also a resource centre for suppliers and sellers of fitness related products.

Shop: Gym Wear & Products Including Brand Your Own

FTP also provides its own branded gym wear – BaldwinGym and accessories. Alternatively, we can brand product with your logo so you can add another profit centre to your facility. Selling to your members adds to your bottom line and promotes your business. All of our products are high quality, handmade and factory direct. You can choose from our selection or request your own style, material, quantity and sizing. We supply gym wear and accessories for men and women and we design and make for all sizes.

Jobs: Fitness Specific Employment Opportunities

Our job site is industry specific. With the multitude of employment sites it’s easy for your job posting to get lost in the crowd. Post your Job here and your target audience is front and centre. If you’re looking for a career move in the fitness industry but seeking a different role in a different location our job search facility is the place to start.

Marketplace: Buying & Selling

This is the place to shop and trade. Reach thousands of potential customers through our industry database and if you cannot find what you are looking for, contact us and we will help you find it. Our site has enhanced search and quotation facilities to better target your requirement and get a better response on quotations. If you are buying and selling in quantity then our memberships are the most cost effective way to go.

Events: The Fitness Event Calendar

Major and minor events can be posted here. City marathons to club open days can be easily posted and advertised through our site. If you would like us to upload a flyer for the event so participants can bring along on the day just request through our sign up facility.

Connect & Meeting Point: Meet Like Minded People In The Industry

If you would like to connect with like-minded people in the industry for social or business purposes then Connect is the place to spend some time. Upload your details on MeetingPoint, you may be surprised how many singles in your area are looking for someone who shares an interest in a healthy lifestyle as well.